Bayside Brisbane Structural Repairs

Ezy Projects was engaged to assess and repair this property as brick work had started to crack as a result of structural problems. Engineers attended for the assessment and made a plan to address the issues.

Floor bearers were laminated with smart15 LVLs to support the weight of the house and steel posts were fitted to support the front and part of the sides of the building. In addition to this, bracing rods were installed on each front corner of the property to mitigate any sideways movement. Front strip footing was underpinned to pour the new concrete to support new gal posts. Slatted timber screening was then fitted to cover the new stumpy works. In addition to this, the front stairs were replaced as pre-existing suffered from structural damages.

The owner was very pleased with the outcome and turnaround time of the project.

‘Everyone was very good to deal with, and the job was complete above and beyond what I expected. Excellent work.’