Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions we get asked about repairs, insurance claims, and engaging with us. If you still have a question, contact our team.

Insurance Repair Process

When a damaging event occurs and your property damaged, the first step is for you to contact
your home insurance provider to lodge a claim.
Once you have lodge a home insurance claim with your insurer:
– Your insurer with arrange for your property to be assessed for damage and repair by a
qualified builder such as Ezy Projects, and carry out any urgent ‘make-safe’ services.
– Once your property has been assessed, the assigned assessor/estimator will provide a quote
or estimate of repairs to your insurance company for assessment. Your insurer will then
review and approval/decline the repairs inline with your home insurance policy.
– If the estimate is approved by your insurer, they will allocate the repairs to Ezy Projects to
manage on their behalf.
– Once the job is allocated to Ezy Projects, our team repair coordinators will be in touch to
arrange to send you the repair contract documents and a statement of work; process your
insurance excess payment (on behalf of your insurer); and confirm when works will
– Once your repairs are completed, Ezy Projects will liaise with your insurer who will close out
your claim in consultation with you.

Because each property repair project, insurance claim and insurer is different, the timeframe and start date for repairs will also vary. 

Once we receive your signed repair contract documents, along with payment to us of your insurance excess (on behalf of your insurer), we will liaise with our trade and material providers to determine availability before putting together a trade schedule for you.  It is important to note that trade and material availability can be affected by external factors such as the weather and supply chain.

Once your insurer has allocated your property repairs to us, we will send the following documents to you to complete and return to get your repairs underway.

  • Scope of Works
  • QBCC Contracts or NSW Repair Contact
  • Excess payment (if applicable)

Once your insurer has approved your claim and allocated the repair project to us, we will send you an email containing links to the relevant documents for you to complete and return to us.

It is important that you sign and return ALL documents ASAP as to not delay the repair process. To complete, open the documents electronically via the links provided, fill in the designated areas, then select ‘SVE’ then ‘SUBMIT’. The signed contracts will then automatically be sent to us via our online system.

Most home insurance policies require the policy holder to pay an excess if they make a claim.  In the case of property repairs, insurance excesses are required to be paid before any work can commence.  It is common for insurance excesses to be collected by the repairing building (like Ezy Projects) on behalf of (and as approved by) the insurance company and also acts as a deposit for works to commence.  

Your excess can be paid to us online via the links we provide with your repair contract documents, alternatively your repair coordinator can take this payment over the phone for you.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is a statutory body that was established by the Qld Government in 1991 to regulate the building industry and provide peace of mind to people who use and construct buildings in Queensland. Signing the QBCC contract for your works to be carried out by Ezy Projects (who are QBCC licensed builders) is not only required by law, but provides you with peace of mind that your works will be completed in compliance with the Queensland Building and Construction Act and protection if there is a dispute.

Commencement dates and trade schedule dates are determined once the repair contract documents are returned and trades are engaged.

Before you start your clean-up take photos or video of damage to your property and contents / possessions to support your claim. Remove any water damaged items from the property that may pose a health risk such as soft furnishings and carpet. Take photos or keep small samples to support your insurance claim and then dispose of the items. Don’t throw away items that could be repaired, unless they pose a health risk. Make a list of each damaged item and if possible, include a detailed description, such as brand, model, and serial number. Always remember to wear protective clothing for cleaning up. 

Once we have received your signed repair contract documents and the insurance excess has been paid, we will engage our trades to establish the trade schedule of your repair project and the expected commencement date. This will then be communicated to you by your dedicated repair coordinator within 10 days.

Once an Ezy Projects estimator has attended your property to assess the damage on behalf of your property insurer, we will complete and submit a report and/or repair estimate to the insurer (or managing loss adjuster) for their review and decision in line with your home insurance policy. When this is submitted, you will receive an automated email from your Insurer to confirm this has occurred and that your claim is now with your Insurer to make a policy decision (approval/amendment/decline) and assign any approved repair works to Ezy Projects.

Our estimating team strive to get all requested information back to your insurer (or managing loss adjuster) within 3 business days of attending your property, or as soon as we can. Please note that this time could be longer during major storms and catastrophe events or if specialist reports are required.

The completion date of your project will depend on the extent of your repairs, the types and variety of trades needed to complete these repairs, material availability and any weather delays. As soon as we have received your signed repair contract documents, we will establish a trade schedule which will outline the expected repair timeline and completion dates.

A Scope of Works (SOW) is designed to confirm what works are to be carried out as agreed between all parties. Changes to the SOW after signing of these documents are considered on a ‘case by case’ basis and in consultation with our trades and your insurer to ensure they are within the Insurers guidelines and policy terms.  Changes to your SOW should be discussed with your Ezy Projects supervisor as soon as possible.

If you would like to select a different colour from what was originally in your property, you will need to formally request this prior to work commencing (ideally during the submission of your contract documents). To request a colour change, please complete our ‘Colour Change Request Form’ and send through to your Claims Coordinator or submit with your repair contract documents.

Yes, with contingencies. if the materials are more expensive then the current materials, the insured will need to pay the difference. Sometimes certain materials might not work with the current building and will have to be reviewed. All changed can be discussed with your site supervisor. A change of materials form will need to be filled out on request. This will all be subject to insurer approval, if required.

Payments & Excesses

A ‘deposit’ as such is not required, however for the majority of insurance claims, an excess is
required to be paid before any works can commence. This is often collected by the assigned builder (such as Ezy Projects) on behalf of insurers as part of the insurance repair project.

Many Australian insurers have a panel of builders who are also approved to collect excesses on
their behalf as part of the insurance repair process. The excess amount is determined by your
insurer and your specific insurance policy.

Your excess can be paid to us online via the links we provide with your repair contract documents, alternatively your repair coordinator can take this payment over the phone for you.

Once your excess has been received and associated with your repair project, you will receive an automated email/sms from us. When paying your excess please ensure you include your EZ reference number (found on all communications with Ezy Projects related to your repairs) in any Description or Subject fields so this payment can be allocated to your claim. For Direct Bank Transfers please allow a few extra days for the funds to reach our account.

Repair communications

Depending on your claim, some larger loss claims can have multiple trades/companies attending especially if you have both content and property damage. Ezy Projects will engage specialist trades if necessary, this will be conveyed to you upon your initial call from Ezy Projects, or from the estimator
attending site.

Sometimes with complex or larger claims your insurer might have to allocate a variety of
trades/companies to inspect and provide estimates for the damage to ensure a competitive and
accurate quote for your repairs.

If you are unable to electronically sign your repair contract documents, we can arrange for these
to be sent to you with a returned express postage envelope included with a tracking number. Please
call our team on to 1300 399 776 to organise this.

Yes – however you will need to get this approved by your insurer (or managing loss adjuster)
before we can include them as the point of contact for your repairs.

Additional questions

This is a case by case scenario, unfortunately we have a commitment to our insurance clients,
however we might be able to help.

This is a case by case scenario, unfortunately we have a commitment to our insurance clients,
however we might be able to help.

All works completed by Ezy Projects will be warranted as per their contract.