North Brisbane Flood Restoration

This property required restoration and remediation following the 2022 Brisbane Flooding CAT event. Due to the CAT 3 Sewage event that occurred, the property required a 1200mm high strip, with mould restoration. As this is a rental property, and the owner lived interstate, our Claims Coordinator assisted with choices for the rebuild as per the owners request. The owner wanted the property to be brought back to life in a modern and neutral way for potential tenants in the future.

We added additional piece of mind by reducing likelihood of reoccurrence with the introduction of a reflux valve and cleaning the relief gully system to prevent fusing/incorrect operation in case of another event.

Upon inspection of the property post remediation, it was noted that there was prolonged water damage on timber frames around the bathroom which we had to rectify prior to further works proceeding. This issue was resolved promptly to the satisfaction of the homeowner.