North Brisbane Flood Strip Out

During the 2022 South East Queensland/Northern NSW flooding event, this property was inundated with rising flood water from a nearby creek. We were engaged by our Insurance Client to perform an initial make safe before managing the extensive repairs required on this large loss claim.

Due to the nature of this event, we were required to engage a wide variety of trades from our network to perform the highest quality repairs from strip out to sign off.

Services provided

  • Asbestos assessment and removal
  • Strip out of property and remediation
  • Full fit out and internal renovations
  • Plumbing work, Electrical work, Waterproofing, Tiling, Cabinetry work
  • External fencing required


This project was completed in a timely manner, despite increased pressure around the Christmas Holiday period and some material delays. All parties were more than pleased with the outcome, and the home owners passed on feedback as below

‘Rod Fulmer from EZY projects was kind, helpful and professional and we are very impressed with the results of his endeavours. He was quick to respond to and address any concerns we had. The tradespeople, especially Brent, that were engaged to work on our house were also a pleasure to interact with. We found Sean O Gormlaith always ready to listen and respond to any queries or ideas that we had in terms of the work on our house. All in all, a great company to have working with us.